Homoeopathic system of medicine is getting more popular and accepted world wide for curing many diseases without any adverse side effects.vinayaka mission's homoeopathic medical college, hospital as a centre of learining for 100 of undergraduate students and pg students of seven department. The hospital is rendering free health acre service for the poor and needly.All patients who are admitted in the hospital are provided with free food and free basic investigations.




                         Homoeopathic system of medicine has been recorgnized by W.H.O as a 2nd popular system of medicine inthe world next to allopathy.It was found more than 250 years ago by a German Physician, DR.Samuel Hahnemann.He was not satisfied by his treatment and found out that due to treatment so amny side effects were there and the original diesease got complicated with the medicinal diesease and made the disease more incurable.



                   People who are suffering from chronic disease and the side effects of ither system of medicine, they are suffering for better alternative system.Even after 250 years homoeopathic system is existing all over the world beacause of its effciency and foundation laid by the founder DR.Samuel Hahnemann. The doucuments of the principles of homoeopathy and working methods of approaching the sick, curative properties of the medicines are well preserved and new findings are added along with the old documents.All curable properties of medicines are proved on healthy human beings, acrefully observed and recorded by the dedicated doctors. Now researches are being carried by the Department of Central Council forResearch in homoeopathy (CCRH)AYUSH, New Delhi to improve the system.